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Christian Mason

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This is usually the easiest way to reach me. I check my email frequently.
Office: JLS Lab - 4000 Terasaki Life Science
Office Hours: Wednesday 3-4pm, Friday 1-2pm in Life Sciences 5236.
Also by appointment. (The schedule below should give you some idea of when I might be available. You can email me to discuss a time to meet.)
Mailing Address: UCLA Biomathematics
BOX 951766, Room 5303 Life Sciences
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1766


Understanding pathogen emergence can be key to predicting whether an outbreak will occur within a population. Many different factors influence the ability of a pathogen to cause these outbreaks, from properties of growth within the host environment to properties of between host spread. Can we use models that describe both of these scales of evolution in conjunction to inform one another and give us a clearer picture of the probability of an outbreak? Current techniques include stochastic process frameworks as well as systems of differential equations. Future work will focus on the expansion and refinement of these models and application to relevant data.

In general I am interested in many projects that fall on the interface between mathematics and biology. Previous projects include: an automated program for detection of rare bird species through audio files (image processing, machine learning), models for factors affecting population growth in Xantusia vigilis (experimental design, dynamical systems), and a system for localization of surgical instruments in an operating room (RF tracking, Patent No. 62/057,145).

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Previously Taught:

LS 30A, Math for Life Scientists (Fall 2015)
EEB C119A/C219A (Spring 2017 - Current)


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